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La Mare aux Canards entrée

At the beginning of the 19th century, Monsieur Petit-Marie built a farm on the edge of la Mare Adam (today the Carrefour de la Mare Adam), where he would raise ducks, chickens and rabbits. 


A century later, his descendants opened the doors on the weekends and sold the poultry to nearby inhabitants and passerby's. Eventually the farmhouse was transformed into a guinguette, where people would come to eat, drink and dance outside the city limits.    

By the late 1950s, the Petit-Maire's had completed the main structure of the building, which included a magnificent fireplace to house the rotisserie. At that moment, the restaurant La Mare aux Canards was born.


Over the years the little farm in the enchanted forest has become an institution, welcoming both locals and travelers from all corners of the world. The secret of la Mare aux Canards has spread, and the traditional cuisine continues to delight patrons both new and old.

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